Work Day Distractions Vol. 8


Happy August! I'm definitely starting to dream about fall - brisk weather, the smell of burning leaves, pumpkin flavored everything....I'm ready! I'm sure you're probably like shut up shut up! Summer's still happening! I'm just ready to sleep at night without having to use a noisy kind of non-functioning air conditioner window unit. You feel me?

+ Have you ever experienced l'appel du vide? I do quite frequently so I avoid heights like nobody's business, but none of my coworkers have ever had this? (they seem shocked when I explained...)

This city is providing showers to the homeless - such a brilliant idea!

+ A fascinating photo essay about someone easily overlooked.

+ My friend ordered pendants for her bridesmaids from this shop and they were gorgeous!

+ This is my favorite video right now. Made me snort laugh (a rarity!)

(gorgeous Bulbasaur illustration by rambled on tumblr)

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