Work Day Distractions Vol. 7

Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week of your life - let's make it a good one! I watched a doc on Tony Robbins this weekend on Netflix and it was very interesting and inspirational. Amazing what the power of positive thinking can manifest in your life. Not that I'm a shining example, ha!
Let's try to make it through this work week together!

+ U by Kotex is starting a campaign to donate feminine hygiene products to homeless shelters - if you'd like to get involved click here - I think this is a great campaign and I'd encourage everyone to support this mission!!!!

+ I've been searching for this game, but no luck so far!

+ This cocktail is pure magic.

+ The absolute cutest corgi cookies ever - I bought this cookie cutter immediately!

+ Getting really excited for this years Olympics!

Keep your chin up!

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