Perfume Collection - Mini Edition


There's nothing I like more than mini versions of beauty products. Sometimes it's daunting to feel like you have to use up an entire bottle of perfume, especially when it's a scent you only wear on some occasions. Today I thought I'd share my favorite little minis - they look so cute on your makeup table or nightstand, and make travelling with a scent a breeze.

From Left to Right, Clockwise

+ Tocca Giulietta - I completely fell in love with this scent after getting a little sample shower scrub of it. It's described as Green Apple and Pink Tulips, it's the ultimate fresh floral scent. It's light and breezy and reminds me of springtime and rainy days.

+ Gucci Guilty - This is my go to sexy night out scent. The Amber notes are my favorite - they make it warm and earthy, but it still has a lightness with the Mandarin notes.

+ See by Chloe – This is a “cool girl” scent. I don’t know why I feel that way, I just do! The girl who has everything and doesn’t care about any of it wears this scent. And I like to feel that way sometimes.

+ Miss Dior – Miss Dior is the most “perfume” fragrance in my collection, if that makes sense. It’s a little old school, but updated.

+ Marc Jacobs Daisy & Daisy Dream – Marc Jacobs Daisy was my first fragrance and is still my absolute favorite, it’s sophisticated and young at the same time. Daisy Dream is a fun branch off of the original – a little lighter and more of an everyday scent.

+ Nest Indigo – Nest fragrances are my new obsession – I’ve basically loved every single one I’ve tried, but Indigo is my favorite so far.

+ Light Blue – This is the classic summer scent, light and citrusy, it’s like being on a beach drinking a blood orange margarita. 

Hope you enjoyed this little look into my perfume collection - part 2 coming in the future!

(Polaroid by me, shot on Fuji Instax Wide)

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  1. Your collection of perfume is nice , awesome. But Fragonard Parfumeur is best perfume I think which is not in your list.