My Weird Hair Trick



So I've had a weird hair problem for quite awhile now that I've been completely ignoring (like I do with my problems in my life! Ha! ha ha....ha). 

The hair close to my neck on the back of my head is a different texture than the rest of my hair. Shocking! A shocking problem! No, I'm sure other people have this issue. I've just never heard anyone else talk about it. 


I went to the hair dresser recently to have my hair cut, and the stylist rather snottily informed me that the hair towards the back of my head was massively heat damaged. I found this really confusing because I tend to iron the front of my hair the most. So I ignored the stylist shoving an expensive heat protectant in my face, and decided to take matters into my own hands.

redhead hair twist

hair products

When I'm in the shower, I've been tying half my hair up and using a intensive hair mask on the rest of my hair, then going back with a normal conditioner afterwards. And this has really been working! I've been using whatever deep conditioners I've received in Birchboxes or other samples - these three above have been my go to's lately. My hair is still a bit of a weird texture in the back, but it's become so much more manageable. 


Do you have any weird hair problems? I also have a giant cowlick but we'll talk about that another time.

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