My Top 10 Favorite Films

I am pretty movie obsessed - my happy place is sat by myself, in a movie theater, eating my smuggled in snacks and watching a new film. I am a big believer of going to the cinema alone. I especially prefer it if I'm going to see a film I think will really affect me - I hate it when you're having a really meaningful experience and your friend next to you is rolling their eyes. You know the type!

Today I want to share with you my Top 10 Favorite Films (in no particular order) in anticipation of all the good movies coming this Fall/Winter!

1. Amélie

When I was a child, I distinctly remember seeing the VHS of Amelie in the grocery store in the "R-rated" section and thinking to myself "The minute I turn 18, I am going to rent that movie." I had no idea what it was about, I was just drawn to it. And funnily enough, it's one of my all time favorite films. Jean-Pierre Jeunet is an incredible visionary - this film is stunning. The color scheme is rich and unique, the photography is amazing. Yann Tiersen's soundtrack is brilliant. And the storyline is something anyone can connect with - trying to find love when you feel like a bit of a strange person in the world.

2. The Darjeeling Limited

I'm a Wes Anderson fangirl - I'll admit it. He makes the kind of films that I would want to make, full of little details and heavily stylized in the best way. I think everyone who loves Wes Anderson has a favorite film, and The Darjeeling Limited is mine. It has all the things: A compelling story about family, a gorgeous Indian backdrop, a great soundtrack, and Adrien Brody looking so handsome in a grey suit. The chemistry between Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman is so hilarious and wonderful, and you can tell that they do some of their best acting work for Wes.

3. What Remains

Sally Mann is my photography hero, and this film about her life and work is fascinating even if you're not a photo buff. Using a civil war era process called wet plate collodion, Sally Mann creates stunning portraits, landscapes, and everything in between. Her philosophy on life is impactful and I would be lying if I said this film didn't make me cry (every single time).

4. About Time

This film made me fall in love with Domnhall Gleeson. It's a romantic comedy, but it's so much more than that. It really focuses on the relationship between father and son, and what impact losing someone you love has. I bawl like a baby watching this film. It's also set in London, my favorite city in the world. If you've been on the fence about this film - WATCH IT!

5. Away We Go

I went to see this film in my hometown, one screen theater by myself. It's incredible. John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph have great chemistry and their relationship in the film is my ultimate couple goal. The story follows the couple as they try to figure out where they want to raise their child and their encounters with zany family and friends only make their relationship stronger. It's a funny, heartfelt film with so many quotable moments. 

6. Rocky

This film is a classic and for good reason. I am a big boxing fan, so this movie has always been important to me. The story of how Sylvester Stallone wrote and pitched this film is so interesting and his determination to do whatever it took for the role is inspiring. I love the first Rocky film especially because of how awkward and shy Stallone's Rocky is. His relationship with Adrian is a relationship of two misfits and that feels like the real heart of the story.

7. Princess Mononoke

It's hard to pick a favorite Studio Ghibli film because they are all so unique and magical, but Princess Mononoke is the one I always come back to. It's one of Hayao Miyazaki's most political films and focuses on the impact humans have on the environment. The story follows Ashitaka, a prince banished from his people when he contracts a disease of rage and hate. He journeys to a far away land where the animal gods still rule the forest, and gets involved in the fight between the gods and the humans alongside a wolf-girl. It's a gorgeous masterpiece of a film and the soundtrack makes me tear up instantly (this happened to me in a Daiso last year!)

8. A Very Long Engagement 

Another Jean-Pierre Jeunet film makes the list because he is truly a master of cinema. This film again stars Audrey Tautou, but also Gaspard Ulliel and Marion Cotillard. Jeunet likes to use the same actors again and again, much like Wes Anderson. This film is a wonderful mystery set during the Battle of the Somme and involves two lovers who are separated by the war. It's heartwrenching, captivating, gripping, and gorgeous. The cinematography is beyond belief. If you like a long, intense film - this is for you.

9. The Bling Ring

This film did not receive that good of ratings, and I'm convinced it's because it went over people's heads. Sophia Coppola is a brilliant director and she tackles the story of the teens who robbed celebrities' homes with such grace and style. I'm going to do a full review of this film coming up because I honestly feel that it's underrated.

10. Waitress

 This indie film is one I have rewatched so many times. It follows a waitress named Jenna who works in a diner making pies, is stuck in a bad marriage,  and who discovers she's pregnant. This launches her into a series of events that changes her entire life's trajectory. Keri Russell is brilliant in the lead role, and all the different pies she creates are magical. 

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