6 Tips To Make the Most of Your Planner


Yes, I am very busy! 
It's finally August, which means it's finally time to start my ban.do planner! I've been holding on to this for awhile, flipping through the pages, getting excited. I'm such a sucker for stationary and planners, and I always start out with the best intentions, but in the past have let my organization fall by the wayside. But it's a new year, I'm wiser now. I've figured out what makes a planner work for me. Here are a couple of keys to making the planner habit stick:

+ Use stickers and colorful pens: This is my number 1! Everyone has different motivators, but for me, making my planner adorable and buying fun stickers makes me want to go back to it again and again. I've purchased a lot of fun things from mochithings.com over the years, they have a great selection of stickers and washi tape! I'm a big fan of these little Anne of Green Gables travel theme stickers because I think she looks like a little me. 

+ Keep dream focused: I like to remind myself of bigger dreams and goals every week. This way, I remember what I'm doing all these little tasks for. Sometime we can lose sight of our goals in the minutiae - sometimes a little reminder can remotivate and energize. Mine this week is a little sticker of London on Sunday - big dreams!

+ Only write notes/lists in your planner: You want to make your planner the only place you go for all of your main lists, notes, ideas, etc. Skip writing them on post-its or list pads unless you're going to insert them into your planner.

+ Plan to plan: Set a time/day of the week to lay out your week. I like doing this on Sundays when I'm planning out my blogs, photos, video, work tasks, grocery shopping any ways. Just put on your favorite Netflix show (mine is reruns of That 70's Show) and get planning!

+ Sturdiness: Buy a planner that has some longevity to it, one that will last you all year. I bought a planner last year that I liked the look of, but it started to fall apart from frequent use at the 6 month mark! Useless!

+ Tabs: A planner with tabs is ideal, it makes finding where you left off so much easier. No more frustration when you can't find the current week and have to flip through every freaking page. If your planner is easy to use, you'll use it more often. 

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