1 Month to Use it Up Product Challenge!


1 Month To Use It Up

This September I have set myself a little challenge. I have so many products that are almost finished or samples that I haven't tried and I want to make some room for new things this fall. So I am doing the 1 Month To Use It Up Challenge (which I just made up)! I've collected all the hair, makeup, and skincare products that I want to finish and by the end of the month they're either going to be in the Done! bin or in the Thumbs Down bin which means that the product was awful and I couldn't finish it. I'm going to vlog a little bit along the way and I'll let you know how it went in a video at the end of the month! I think this will be really fun and will clear my stash out for new products. Here's a few of the things I'll be using this month and a little video at the end!




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