The Makeup Corner - Before and After

So last week I had a big weird freakout about some unused space in my bedroom. Weird thing to freak out about, but I could not stop thinking about it. I was just sitting at work thinking "How can I use this space? What can I put there?"

The space in question:

Yeah...pretty sad right? Just a cheap-o clothes rack with like 3 things hanging on it and an old broken suitcase that I've been meaning to get rid of (RIP Mexico grocery store suitcase). 

Are you ready for the transformation? Cause it's MAJOR. At least for me!

TA - DA!

Ahhhh! Can you believe it? I'm in love.
I have been doing my makeup standing up in the bathroom or sat at my computer desk hunched over a little mirror, neither of which I've been happy with. I like to do my makeup sat down, and I've wanted a vanity for awhile. While I was having my space brainstorm, I realized I could get a mini one!

This vanity is from IKEA, and cost $100 - kind of pricey (what furniture isn't really). It has a little pull out drawer on the left and a flip out mirror on the right. 

First can we talk about the most amazing ottoman? I got this at Target, it's from the Oh Joy collection. It's a little spendy, but I had to have it. It's shaped like a heart, light mint green with gold trim, and is really comfortable. How could I resist?

My decorations are London themed because 1. They're adorable and 2. Living in London is a main goal for me and I like to keep my dreams right in front of me at all times. I got the London city print at IKEA, the little cardboard banner from the dollar section at Target, and the union jack bunting from somewhere in London (I think Victoria station? I forget).

I bought a little acrylic organizer so I can keep my most used products in arms reach and I'm really surprised at how much I actually fit in it. It's nice to be able to see what's in each drawer and the look of it goes with any decor. I also could not resist another piece of the Oh Joy for Target collection - this gorgeous vase. 

I decided to keep all my palettes in the pull out drawer and the rest of my products in the acrylic case and in the compartments on the right side of the vanity. Surprisingly, this is my whole collection! Everything fit! (Please note this does not include haircare, skincare, or nail products. I still have way too much stuff!)
I've been trying to get rid of products that I don't use and that I don't like, because I really don't need so much junk, right? 

It's really amazing how just having this little space in my bedroom has made me feel so much happier.  Having an organized space does WONDERS for my stress levels. My morning routine is nicer, I have a little oasis in the corner. 

Hope you enjoyed this little tiny bit of organization! Now to go sort out the entire rest of my apartment/life. Ha!

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