I'm an Aries

I’ve always kind of half believed in astrology (much the same way I believe in ghosts – sometimes I am certain they exist, and sometimes I’m like nahhhh). When I was younger I was SO UPSET that I was an Aries. The Aries traits did not fit at all with how I saw myself – I was convinced I was supposed to be a Cancer. I was in touch with my feelings, sweet, caring, kind, right?? 

Aries traits always seem to err on the negative side – self-centered, arrogant, hot-headed. Not how I saw myself. Funnily enough, over the years, as I’ve learned more about myself, I realized how much of an Aries I really am. And I happen to be an Aries Sun & Moon, so there’s really no escape! I’m definitely stubborn, competitive, self-focused, impatient, but also confident, hardworking, relentless, and fiery. And I love being this way. A lot of those traits are really internal – acquaintances don’t necessarily know that I have a big ol’ easily damaged ego, but my close friends definitely agree that I’m an Aries through and through.

What do you think about astrology – does your sign fit you? Do you believe in all that compatibility stuff? An old coworker of mine was hardcore about it, and when I started dating a guy who was a double Pieces, she was adamant that it would be a disaster (it was! She was right! No more Pieces guys – sorry lads).

In honor of all my fellow Aries, here’s some goodies from around the internet to 
celebrate our #1-ness.

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