Favorite Lipsticks: Summer 2016


Hello friends! 

I have a miserable secret. I am an organization failure - especially when it comes to my makeup. I am also kiiiiiind of a lipstick hoarder. 
Are you ready for the proof? Are you sure?


I'm sorry. I hate it too! 
I always start out super organized and then it all goes down the drain like 2 days later. Not exactly #goals. I really need to do a makeup clear-out, because I definitely do not use all these lipsticks. I probably use 1/6 of what I own. 

Case in point - I wanted to share my current favorite lipsticks for summer. I chose a nude, a pink, a bright, and a red. And it's 4 lipsticks. Not the 10000000 that I seem to own. 

Please have a collection of cringe selfies - minimal makeup + my enormous cheeks! (which I love)

1. Urban Decay: Obessed
2. Tarte: Texas Toast Tarteist Lip Paint
3. Pop Beauty: Cozy Crimson
4. Givenchy Le Rouge #205 - Fuchsia Irresistible

I am really loving the Tarte nude lip - I've got a few compliments on it. I think it looks really current and trendy. I also love wearing a bright pink lip to work - Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks are my favorites (I only own two but trust me, they are amazing). I've been getting lazy with my lipsticks because I'm not as careful with wearing them as I should be. Before I know it, lipstick is everywhere. BUT I am determined to make more of an effort. 

Are you a lipstick hoarder like me? Lipsticks and blushes are my ultimate weakness.

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  1. Ha I am completely the same when it comes to lipsticks! I own so many and wear the same few on rotation! I'm trying to make a point of wearing ones which I have been neglecting but I really struggle in the week as I'm lazy in the morning! I should throw a few in my bag the night before and put it on on the tube!
    The Tarte nude shade looks lovely! As a fellow fair skinned gal I really struggle finding nudes that don't wash me out. Oh how i wish Tarte was readily available in the UK! x

    1. I totally get the nude lip struggle - I even bought one recently that was modeled by a redhead in the ad and it looked heinous on me. I think throwing a few options in your bag is a great idea, sometimes it's a nice pick me up during the day to throw on a bright lip!