Baking Adventures: Confetti Cookies


This week was my first week at our company's new offices, so I wanted to make something celebratory to bring on my first day. And what's better than cookies covered in sprinkles? They're possibly the most festive cookies I've ever seen!

I used Joy the Baker's Confetti Cookie Recipe which I got from her cookbook Homemade Decadence. I got this book as a Christmas gift and I've spent many an hour flipping through the pages, drooling over every page - but this is officially the first thing I made from it!

The recipe is not overly complicated, but you definitely do need a jumbo bottle of sprinkles! I used almost my entire bottle - the recipe itself calls for a half cup (1/4 for the dough, 1/4 to roll in) but I used WAYYY more than that. Perhaps I am just excessive, but you can never have enough sprinkles in my opinion.

A whole vanilla bean was a main ingredient - and lucky for me, I had a packet of Madagascar vanilla beans in my freezer (a souvenir from my sister's lemur research trip to Madagascar - but I'll talk about how my sister is a badass another time!). I defrosted them in a pot of warm water.

I personally don't feel like the vanilla bean really added much to these cookies - the sugar and sprinkles made them almost excessively sweet, so the vanilla flavor got a little lost in that. I'd rather save a vanilla bean for something where the vanilla is the star ingredient. Plus, vanilla extract is also added to these cookies, so I think you'd be fine with just that.

Overall, what I did I think? These cookies certainly are gorgeous, and they seemed to go over well at work, but I wasn't 100% into them. I love sugar cookies normally, so I was kind of disappointed. They were just too sweet for me! Maybe my tastes are changing? Who knows. But they do look magical so who really cares.

What are you baking this weekend? I'm trying to decide what my next experiment will be...I've been marathoning The Great British Bakeoff (THE BEST SHOW TO EVER EXIST), and I have to say both breads and tarts are calling my name.....

Have a great weekend!

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