Workday Distractions Vol. 2

(via Cinder & Honey)

Hello again Monday. I'm starting my day in a brand new office, as my company moved its HQ. So I'll be running around like crazy trying not to get lost and making sure my computer and phone work! Hope your Monday workday is low key. Here are a few bits from around the net:

- THIS ISN’T AN ORGAN PARTY, IT’S A REGULAR PARTY (or Women Having a Terrible Time at Parties)

- Women supporting other women, lets #LeaninTogether

- In love with these gorgeous landscape photos.

- James Corden is just the coolest, loved his new carpool karaoke with Selena Gomez

- This guy's tweets about his kids are hilarious.

- One of my favorite redhead editorials.

- Just ordered the cutest pins from this shop on Etsy.

- Gorgeous embroidery.

Have a lovely day! xx

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