Work Day Distractions

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Oh it's Monday again...

Are you like me and wishing I could live in the gif above? Instead I'm back to the work week grind. The thought of a night on the couch watching The Bachelorette is keeping me going! (currently thinking Jojo should pick none of them and get the hell out of there, but we'll see)

Here are some fun things I've found around the net to get you through!

- Bo Burnham's new Netflix Special "Make Happy" is everything : this was my favorite part.

- This article was an interesting read and definitely made me feel a little sad.

- I just ordered these cool handwraps for boxing.

- Welcome back OITNB! Take this quiz to find out which character you are (I got Piper - hmmm)

- Is this jewelry weird or cool? (or both?) I kind of love it...

- Music video pick: Erik Blood's GORGEOUS new video for "Chase the Clouds"

- Little cactus candles!

- These laundry bags speak the truth.

- Come down to the park - something cool is happening


You got this! Have a great day!

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