Solo Sunday

Sometimes you just have to bake a cake for yourself, just because.

Happy Sunday!

I am spending mine as I do most Sundays, on my own. I'm currently watching a few movies that I picked up from maybe the last video rental store in town. I picked up Truth, Mustang, Big, and Cranford (the BBC series). I probably overdid it.

I think it's important to spend time by yourself, and indeed for me it's an absolute necessity. My job is very people focused, and I need time to recharge. This year I've been trying to do more things alone. I don't want to miss out of things just because I feel that I ought to do them with someone else. I recently bought myself a picnic blanket so I can go to the park and read. You don't need a group of people to do summery things. 

I baked a cake because I wanted to decorate one after spending too long on Pinterest. It is not (gasp) homemade - it's a box cake. I'm lazy, and wanted to get straight to the decorating. I think it came out pretty lovely.

I'm planning on spending the rest of the day reading, doing laundry, painting my nails, and attempting to watch all the movies I rented. I hope you all are having a restful Sunday!

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