June Favorites!


I love doing monthly favorites posts/videos - sharing things that I've discovered is something I already do with my friends, so I'm now considering you all my friends!

Let's dive in to what's been good in June!

1. Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush Body Wash -  Another shower product makes the list! I've been a fan of this for a couple of years, but I've never bought a huge bottle of it. It smells divine, fresh, sweet, and sharp from the lime. This body wash is so creamy and moisturizing that it makes a great shaving gel. I found an amazing assortment of Soap & Glory products at Ulta, which is awesome because my local Sephoras' seem to have pulled it (WHY???).

2. Real Techniques: Brush Cleaner - You might be wondering what the heck this is! It looks mysterious, but it's the best thing I've come across recently. This little device fits in the palm of your hand and provides a multi-textured surface in order to clean makeup brushes. You just apply some cleanser to the palette, run it under water, and swirl your brush around. It works 1000 times better than cleaning brushes in your hand!

3. The Body Shop: British Rose Shower Gel - This shower gel is EVERYTHING. It's the most gorgeous, light, fresh floral scent. It doesn't smell that much like roses to me, but that is a huge bonus in my eyes. It does not smell granny-ish like I was afraid of, it smells modern and young. And, this gel makes the most gorgeous bubble bath. The bottle design also caught my eye right away, it looks great on your shower shelf. 

4. Sailor Drops App - As soon as I heard there was an official Sailor Moon app, I was all over it. This is the cutest Bejeweled type game ever, and if you're a fan of the Sailor Scouts then you are in for a lot of fun! I've spent hours playing this. Which is probably pretty sad. 

5. Canon Powershot N2 - I picked this camera up on ebay because I own the earlier model and this newer one has a screen that flips completely up, making it perfect for vlogging. Have I been doing any vlogging? Well....no. But I'm ready. Also, it's so cute and compact, it fits easily into any of my handbags. The video quality is decent for the price point - I'm happy!

I had one more favorite in my video, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - review coming soon!

I also put together a little playlist of some of my favorite songs this past month, hope you enjoy!

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