Welcome to Portland


So a week ago I made one of the biggest decisions of my life and moved to Portland, Oregon. 
I'm not even going to pretend that I wasn't absolutely terrified. I lived in Oregon during college, but going back home to Whidbey Island kind of made a small town girl out of me all over again. I got used to knowing a ton of people, to having my same job and my same schedule. 
But my dreams were a little bigger than the island could provide for, and I missed having people my own age around. So I decided to move. 

The transition has been hard so far. I don't have a job yet. I'm panicking about money, about finding friends, about finding a community. I'm getting lost driving and on the bus. I miss my family and friends. 

I did get pretty lucky with my new apartment, which I share with my friend. I was able to just move all the stuff I had at my Whidbey place right into this apartment with no issues. I spent the first few days I was here I completely moved in and decorated so it felt like home as quickly as possible. 

I know that transitions are always kind of challenging so I'm hoping that things will get easier soon. 
I am pretty excited to be living in a city now!

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