Home in Progress

I've officially moved in to my new apartment! I'll be honest with you - though it's beautiful and lovely, it doesn't quite feel like "home" yet. I know these things take time, and I do believe getting some more furniture will help that. Hopefully it will gradually sneak up on me and one day I'll say "I'm going home" and really mean it!

This place was completely brand new and still being constructed when I first saw it, so it's exciting to be the first person to live in the space. It's a really gorgeous loft studio- all craftsman doors and windows, with new tile in the bathroom. What really sold me on it was the light - at every stage of the day the way the light comes in is just magical (total photographer thing to say, that the light sold me on the place!). 

Please forgive the poor quality of these photos - they are all from my cell phone, and I still don't have internet at my place so this is all being done on the fly. 

Here are are couple of photos during the construction - the space felt kind of small initially, but once I started putting my furniture in I realized how large a space it actually is! Studios are odd because you have to visually divide the space into rooms, it's not already done for you. Challenging, but fun to imagine different ways it can be done! 

Here's a photo of the current state of my kitchen. I'm starting to make it feel more like my space with little touches (Union jack bunting, boxing poster, Photo Booth strips on the fridge) but it doesn't quite feel like a proper kitchen without a dining table. I'm trying to find the exact right thing as I want a table to entertaining that can double as a good work space. I've always secretly dreamed of having an eat-in kitchen, so I'm getting excited for it to come together!

(see what I mean about that light??!!!)

I feel in love with these chairs at the thrift store and decided that they'd be my dining chairs - I have 2 of each. They don't really go together, but they both have sort of a mid-century feel to me so I think it will work. 

My design aesthetic is go with that I like and hope it all makes sense together in the end. I have faith!

My bed is the only thing that feels finished in the apartment - I got a new duvet cover and pillowcases from Urban Outfitters and new sheets from Target so I have a fresh start. I have since moved that little white night stand (peeking out from over the end of the bed) into the space where the black stool is. 

You can see from these photos why it doesn't quite feel like home yet! The first photo is of where my living room space will be. Currently it looks like the world's most stiff living room! I'm planning on getting a sofa that can turn into a bed for guests, and a television. 

I don't have any closets in my apartment (the one downside) so I'm going to be purchasing a dresser and wardrobe this weekend (yay IKEA!). Until then I have these cheap-o clothes racks and most of my clothes are still in bags. I've mainly been living out of a small suitcase with limited clothing options. You cannot even believe how excited I am to have somewhere to put my clothes away soon!


Living on my own has been a weird transition (which is still in progress). I have mostly been watching movies on my computer (no TV or internet is making me a little nutty) and going to bed at 9:30 pm. BUT! It's also made me feel a little more creative, and for the first time in a very long time I'm excited to take pictures again. I think the changing seasons have a lot to do with it - fall is my favorite time to photograph. 

Wish me luck on my weekend of building flat-pack furniture (I'm gonna need it!)

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