I'm Moving!

Things have been pretty quiet on this here blog…but that's because I'm getting ready to move! I have been apartment hunting for a little while and I finally found the perfect place. This will be my first apartment all by myself, and I couldn't be more excited! I have to wait a little bit to move in because they have to finish installing the plumbing and appliances (did I mention that it's brand new!!!!!) so I have banned myself from going to any thrift stores or buying any furniture because I don't have anywhere to put it. That hasn't stopped me from collecting a ton of decorating inspiration over on my Pinterest page and I did have one minor slip up where I told myself it was fine to go to the antique store because things would be too expensive and I'd be safe, but no, out I walked $200 lighter (but with some awesome things I can't wait to show you guys!). 

I've got big plans and I want to document this move so expect photos and maybe videos (?) up soon!

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