Ruffian Nail Lacquer Review

Birchbox recently sent me 3 Ruffian Nail Lacquer colors and Ruffian nail lacquer remover wipes to review as part of their Birchbloggers program. I am SUPER picky about nail polish (I buy new ones all the time and am constantly disappointed) but I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. 

First of all - the colors in this little collection are so beautiful. They're all metallic and extremely flattering - at least on my skin tone, but I think they would look amazing on every skin tone. They apply super smoothly and look great with just one coat (I've only applied one coat in the photos). 

"Ambrosia" was the color I fell in love with right away. I don't own a metallic lavender color and this one is especially lovely. This polish is just the right mix of girly and edgy.

"Rosary" is a brilliant copper and actually goes the best with my skin (and my hair!). I like wearing copper jewelry with my red hair so this is along the same lines. Though this is probably my least favorite of the three, I still really like this one and I think I will be wearing it a lot in the fall. 

"Relic" ended up, unexpectedly, becoming my favorite of the collection. I have a lot of silver nail polish, but they're all sort of "chrome" silvers. This one is different, it has some darker undertones that make it a much richer silver than any I've tried before. This one is definitely my winner! 

I was kind of skeptical about the polish remover towelettes - and I am still kind of skeptical. They do work, they remove nail polish without any trouble, which is great as they're acetone free and I've sometimes found that acetone free remover doesn't work well. I just am not sure if I like the perfumed aspect. They smell alright... maybe perfumed nail polish remover just isn't my thing. But these are a great concept and I like that you could throw one or two in a travel bag and not have to worry about spilling acetone remover everywhere. 

Overall I'm pretty dang impressed by these nail polishes. I'm excited to see what else Ruffian has in store!

Thanks Birchbox for sending me these for free to review. I did not get paid for this in any way and my opinions are my own and uninfluenced. 

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