Saturday Farmer's Market


On Saturday my sister and I went to check out the newly expanded Farmer's Market. It's about a mile down the road from our house and they recently moved from a parking lot to a grassy field and added many more vendors. I almost never go to the Farmer's Market which is shame as it's so close to me!
Also there are copious amounts of Organic farms where I live so the produce is extra good and I should really take advantage of that more often.

Seriously, look at this amazing lettuce. Don't you feel inspired to be super healthy now? 

I confess though that I was a little more interested in the tarts :) A reminder that I need to make some in the future!

I made a beeline for this flower stand when I saw the huge bunch of bachelor buttons (my all time favorite!) and was super thrilled to find out that they were only $5 - sold!!

I got a lot of looks with this bouquet!

My sister scored on some fresh veggies and some beautiful strawberries!

Our haul!

I may or may not go back next weekend and buy more bachelor buttons ;)

Hope you didn't mind this super long/image heavy post. There were just so many good photos, it was hard to choose!

It was really nice to spend the day with my sister doing such a summery activity. With my current work schedule I haven't had much time just to have fun and soak in some Vitamin D. I want to make it my summer mission to go to some places around town where I haven't been before - I live in a small town on an island, yet there are tons of places I've just never bothered to go. So I'm going to them all! Soon.

Hope you all had a good weekend and have a good week ahead!

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