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I think I may have the cutest scheduler of all time so I wanted to share it with you guys! I have always been completely useless when it comes to using a scheduler - all through school I would buy one at the beginning of the year with the best intensions and I would really be on top of things for like 3 weeks before it would all fall apart and I would be writing things on my hand to remember. Fail.
But now I've gotten to a place in my life where I have so many things to do and remember each week that I really need a weekly schedule. And I hate using my iPhone calendar for some reason. So I thought, if I made my scheduler really cute and colorful and interactive, I would use it more. 

I have a big collection of Stabilo fine tip markers that I alternate through. I have tried to color code things (aqua for work, green for boxing, red for events) but sometimes that all goes out the window for aesthetic reasons. 

The adorable girl stickers in the first photo are Heeda stickers from a company called Pony Brown, and I purchased 2 different packs of them and wish there were even more! They are the loveliest illustrated stickers I have ever seen and I reward myself at the end of each week by putting stickers all over. 

I purchased the scheduler and the Heeda stickers from a Seattle based Korean import site called MochiThings - this site has soooo many cute things I wish I could buy them all! If you're a fan of adorable stationary and organizational tools, you absolutely should check them out. My new fav hobby is going on their site and accumulating hundreds of dollars of products in my shopping cart and then closing the window sadly, like you do. 

I bought the hot air balloon stickers (they're glittery!) from my local craft store, and I don't remember the brand. But they have little bears riding in the balloons and I can't get over the cuteness. 

Do you use a scheduler?

BTW: This is not a sponsored post. I just really like this site and also cute things. 

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  1. Aww these are so cute, i can never have too much stationary like this!

    1. I know - I'm trying not to let my collection grow TOO much but it's so hard!!!