Portland Day One - The Zoo!

So last weekend I took a much needed mini vacation down to Portland, OR to visit my best pal and former college roommate Emily. I went to college about 40 min south of Portland, so we used to go up there all the time and I miss it so much! I took the train down from Everett, WA - about a 5 hour journey. I love going by train, it's so much less stress than driving down the I-5 corridor. And you always seem to meet the loveliest / strangest people. 

It rained all weekend, but we didn't let that stop us! (We are truly PNW people)
Our first stop was the Oregon Zoo. It was my first time going and it was absolutely gorgeous! It's located up in the hills and works with the pre-existing natural forest to create a lush environment for the animals. 

See what I mean about the forest? So beautiful!

Bald eagles hanging out. We are so spoiled in this part of the country, I think I see a bald eagle almost everyday. Once an eagle landed in the middle of the road in front of my car and refused to move. Cool story, I know. 

The gorgeous Emily with the coolest umbrella ever. 

The Oregon Zoo has 3 lion cubs and they were an absolute joy to watch. We got lucky and one of the cubs decided to come bug his mom down by the viewing windows, so we got front row seats to play time! 

The cheetahs were also beautiful! 

Emily and I in some weird heat sensor image - I think this is supposed to mimic how cheetahs sense things? Not sure. Peace signs are always appropriate. 

I can't pass up a photo booth, so we got some silly zoo pictures. I got to keep the one with the ocelots. 

We had such a great day! 

Outfit details (just in case anyone is curious)
raincoat: Land's End
skirt: Forever21
scarf: H&M

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