Plant Life Update

Okay - so I'm still not the best with plants. I will start with the shameful part of the house plant adventure update to get it out of the way. 

I have been having the least amount of success from my 4 succulent terrarium planter thing. It is now a 3 succulent planter :( One of the succulents was growing growing growing and then started rotting at the core. I think I overwatered. So now I'm working extra hard to keep the remaining 3 going!

Now onto the encouraging part!

My individually potted succulents and cactus are doing pretty good! They love the window light and have started growing upwards. The green succulent is growing especially weird and has become quite a character of a plant. 

I think the cactus is doing the best out of all of them - it just seems so content. Can plants be content? I hope so!

I got a little pipette thing so I can water them underneath their leaves so only the soil gets wet. 

I've also added a new plant to the mix - a Schefflera. 
This one needs to be watered more often and doesn't need as much direct sunlight as the others, so I'm hoping I will be able to do well with this one! I feel like such a gardening wimp, but I'm trying to slowly work my way up and learn more and more about what plants need. 
Any tips? I would totally appreciate them!

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