Grilled Cheese!!!!!!

A grilled cheese sandwich is my ultimate number one favorite comfort food. And when I found out there was a food truck dedicated to grilled cheese in Portland, I knew I had to go there. So Emily and I set out to find the Southeast Portland location of the Grilled Cheese Grill - the one with a double decker bus. We found it located off the main drag with several other food trucks (including one with beer spigots built right into the side of the truck!) and it was everything I had hoped for. 

I got "The Gabby" (4 cheeses) and Emily got "The Kelsey" (with pesto!) and we avoided the rain by sitting on the top level of a grungey old double decker bus and it was absolutely great. I think Portland has this underlying grungey-ness to it that I just love. 

Overall I thought this place was awesome. Don't listen to the Yelp reviews that say it's too greasy - those people are chumps. 

 Outfit details
dress: H&M
jacket: Forever 21
bag: See by Chloe
tights & shoes: Target

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