Camera Club: Impossible Project Cyanograph Film


If you don't know about the The Impossible Project here's a quick little summary: When Polaroid film stopped being produced, they stepped in and started producing a totally new instant film compatible with Polaroid cameras. 

A couple of months ago I got an email from them about a limited edition cyanotype-esque film, and I immediately preordered some. I couldn't miss out on one of my favorite processes made instant!

I loaded it into my Polaroid OneStep close up camera and started shooting. After 5 minutes of developing time I checked my first shot was still dark blue. I got kind of worried and ran to check the directions that came with the film and found out that the developing time for this film is 40 min(!!!???). Kind of inconvenient if you're out in the field - by the time your first exposure test is done developing, the light could have completely changed. 

Another thing I neglected to notice was that this particular film is low-contrast. That kind of bummed me out as my favorite cyanotypes have deep blues and bright whites. This film was actually more of a bright teal color once fully developed. 

(A little comparison with a darkroom cyanotype)

Overall, it was fun to experiment with, but at almost $2 a print, I probably won't be repurchasing it if it comes back on the website (currently it's sold out).

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