Plant Life

Confession: I have never been good with plants. I just didn't get the green thumb gene that both of my parents seemed to have - my plants always lived short lives and died sad deaths. BUT .... no more! This year I've decided that I would like some more greenery in my life. I am starting small with succulents - cute and trendy, they are also luckily hard to kill and need very little watering. I planted 4 together in a big glass cylinder, and then planted 2 and a cactus in separate little pots. They are so stinking cute!
My sister decorated the terrarium for my birthday - so festive!

An African Violet (I think?) and an orchid. These belonged to my mom - advanced level plants. Definitely not there yet.

Three little guys all together! Got these pots at the same nursery as the plants - could they be any more adorable?

Plants are supposed to help you destress and make you happy - things I need in my life! They're weirdly fun, I like going over and visiting them and making sure they're in the best sunlight. :)

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