Dresser Declutter

I've got spring cleaning on the brain, but it can feel kind of daunting when you think about how many things you probably should be cleaning... So! Tackling small projects is the way to go. 
I picked the top of my dresser to organize today (the contents of my dresser will have to wait until another day...). As you can see from the photos, it was a total mess. 

My jewelry box is totally out of control!

Tons of clutter, perfume and nail polish everywhere.

So I put things like that lint roller in the bathroom, took all my nail polish and put it in its own box and put it elsewhere, took down the Paris poster, and got organized and this is the result!

Everything feels so much cleaner!

I finally got my jewelry box organized enough so I could actually close it! I put my sunglasses in a little vase next to it, and left my jewelry that I keep in rotation in the little dishes in front. That's an organizing project for another day, but for now I think they look pretty cute. I put my little Eiffel Tower ornament on top which I think spiffs it right up!

I used the tray that I had my nail polish on (a thrift store find) to put my perfumes and my sleeping mask (which I never use but I think looks cute...). They finally look as pretty as they deserve to look!

And last but not least, I moved my Paris poster to my bathroom and instead hung up some Elle Magazine clips of Emma Watson (my current style icon/fav human) and a little Julian Casablancas quote that my best friend made for me. Definitely a good reminder to look at every day when getting ready. 

I feel so refreshed and happy look at my new dresser space! What should I tackle next? Probably my wardrobe...yikes. ;)

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  1. Believe me if I tell you that my room is much worse than that! but the result you get is great, congratulations! I love the quote. I think I should organize my caos as well...

    1. Thank you so much for the nice comment! I feel like everything gets so messy in the winter haha, good thing we have the spring to get reorganized! (even if in small ways) :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I was kind of boggled with the "after" picture, haha! What a transformation!! I just finished spring cleaning too and did what you did- one corner at a time. I have way too much crap to tackle it all at once ;)

    xo marlen
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    1. That's so great that you've finished!! I have a long way to go haha - but doing it one little bit at a time is helping me to not feel so overwhelmed! :)

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